Susan Reyman

Opening Reception Aug 12th, 5-7pm

Susan Reyman

After enjoying a thirty-five year career in business, Ms. Reyman opened a new chapter in her life by embracing her creativity and life long love of photography. She was First captivated by the time worn faces of those living a difficult life, then gravitated to the fleeting beauty of flora in their prime. Each being closer to the end of their lives with both displaying a beauty she felt compelled to capture before it was too late.

Feeling blessed to have found this new passion, all profits from her work are donated to Smile Train, Opportunity International and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am most drawn to time worn faces as well as the ephemeral nature of flowers. Shooting flowers up close provides me the opportunity to see details that most would not ordinarily notice. Seeing how each element interacts with the other, I am driven to capture their beauty and compel each viewer to linger with the same vision I have from behind the lens.

Though most of my work with flowers is very detailed and precise the pandemic brought about a new technique. Seeing how swiftly lives were taken now I wanted something more ephemeral; trying to capture the beauty in a non realistic moment, an alternative vision of the natural world, somewhat liminal (crossing the threshold), escaping all that was going on around me.

Meet the Artist

Learn more about Susan Reyman’s work and get a preview of what you can expect this August as she joins Suzy Vance for a conversation.