Keeping the Past Present

Beverly Shores is a unique town. The phases of its history include a presence of a number of Native American tribes, a development project to create a community by Frederick and Robert Bartlett, an effort by local citizens and Senator Douglas to prevent steel mills and a power plant from taking over the lakefront, a plan by the United States government to acquire the lakeshore and beyond, house by house, using eminent domain, and, today, the co-existence of the town with the Indiana Dunes National Park surrounding it.

The Museum is here to share this history and the town’s continued evolution with people who visit Beverly Shores. Many people in town have contributed their time and amazing talents to make this possible. The Museum provides a number of virtual and in-person exhibits designed to educate and entertain visitors.

Beverly Shores Museum Exhibit

In-Person Exhibits

Vibrant local history exhibits creatively engage, enrich, and commemorate our community. By showcasing the people, places, and events that played a critical role in shaping our past, we embrace our understanding of who we are now. Our well-attended Second Friday events, highlighting our history exhibits, and the meaningful Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day exhibits and commemorations contribute significantly to the social fabric of our community.

Upcoming Museum Exhibits

Veteran’s Celebration May 21st at 11am
Veteran’s Celebration May 21st at 11am
We will have a celebration to honor our veterans on May 21 at 11 AM at The Depot located at 525 Broadway in Beverly Shores.

We will commemorate our veterans' service to our country with a 21 gun salute...

Past Museum Exhibits

Commemorating Our Veterans This Memorial Day Weekend
Commemorating Our Veterans This Memorial Day Weekend
During the Memorial Day weekend, we will gather at the Depot to and honor our veterans and commemorate their service to our country. Representatives from American Legion Post #37 will present a 21-gun...
Opening June 11th, 2021 5-7pm
Disappearing beaches are not new to Beverly Shores; it's a pattern that has recurred ever since the land for the town was purchased by Fred Bartlett in 1929. From 1951 on,...
Beaches and Old Resorts
Beaches and Old Resorts
In 1929, Fredrick Bartlett, one of Chicago’s largest real estate developers, purchased 1400 acres on the shores of Lake Michigan. He wanted to create a resort community like the ones in Florida. Tourists...
1935 Chicago World’s Fair
1935 Chicago World’s Fair
The Century of Progress Exposition was conceived in an atmosphere of economical, political, and social crisis. The Fair assumed National importance during the Great Depression. Because of the vision of...
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Beverly Shores Hotel

Beverly Shores History for the Asking

This oral history project explores the connections between past and present. A group of volunteers has interviewed former and current residents, painting an oral portrait of our community and preserving the rich experiences and memories of our Town. Those who follow in our footsteps will have an intimate glimpse into the events, large and small, that shaped our area.

Beverly Shores Heritage Trail

This walking tour of significant locations in our community reminds us of what has been created and contributed to this area in the Indiana Dunes. Trail Markers with QR codes link visitors, through their mobile devices, to our website materials explaining the significance of important places in our history. This project allows residents and visitors to experience the past in a new and meaningful way.

Beverly Shores Broadway

Keeping the Past Present: Virtual Exhibits for Access and Preservation

This project preserves and tells the story of the Town’s and region’s history. It builds on The Depot’s commitment of “Keeping the past present”.