Liminal Spaces

Opening Reception Jul 9, 5-7pm

Dorothy Graden

Ms Graden has developed an innovative artistic style through years of historic research, observation and investigation. The inspiration for her work is the result of hundreds of miles of hiking throughout the mountains and deserts of the American southwest studying ancient petroglyphs and prehistoric rock paintings.

After traveling more than twenty-five years to prehistoric rock art sites, her mission is to introduce art images inspired by the First Americans to people of today. Traveling to these wonderful and remote ancient rock art sites has involved climbing buttes, descending into canyons, dodging rattlesnakes, and scrambling up cliffs. She loves the adventure of the hunt.

She creates her art by pulling and pigmenting cotton rag in the paper studio and then applying watercolor, ink and pastels to develop each unique painting.

She has given presentations on ancient rock art at universities in Russia, Ireland, and most recently in Austria. She is also an avid SCUBA diver and incorporates sea elements into her paintings.

Meet the Artist

Learn more about Dorothy Graden’s work and get a preview of what you can expect this July as she joins Suzy Vance for a conversation.