Aaron Melendez

Opening Reception Sep 9th, 5-7pm

Aaron Melendez

Aaron Melendez grew up in NW Indiana surrounded by the contrasting scenery of industry versus natural landscape. As a child, he loved replicating his interests meticulously, drawing from novels, cartoons, comics books, and more. After joining the Marine Corps, he trained classically at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he received his BFA in Illustration.

A strong advocate for representational art, Aaron boosts his skill with a variety of mediums, including graphite, watercolor, oil, and digital painting to name a few. Each medium brings its own challenges, that he enjoys achieving through patience and unnerving determination to his craft. In addition to his reverence of technique, Aaron enjoys painting scenes from nature, usually the Indiana Dunes, where he can recreate a particular moment.

Aaron captures his adventures and travels in photo references as well as small sketches to record the visual memory of a place. His paintings are usually quiet scenes, where you can escape from civilization and  nd a moment of pure enjoyment from just appreciating the beauty of the natural world.

Meet the Artist

Learn more about Aaron Melendez’s work and get a preview of what you can expect this September as he joins Suzy Vance for a conversation.